A.R.E. V Series Cap
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V Series Cap
The V Series offers traditional styling with smooth, clean lines, and many different options to meet your needs. This model is the right choice for customers who want quality and function, without breaking the bank. The side tool box option is a great addition for any contractor.
ARE Overland Cap
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Overland Series Cap
The Overland Series truck cap offers a tougher, more rugged look to complement today’s trucks. It’s unique two-toned off-road design features a spray-on protective coating which increases strength in high stress areas.
OTR Series
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OTR Series Cap
The OTR Option is available on any fiberglass cap or tonneau cover. The durable spray-on protective coating turns your A.R.E. product into the ultimate complement to today’s trucks.
ARE CX Series Cap
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CX Series Cap
The CX Series combines strength, style, and function. It is designed to look great, but also offers many different options to fit your specific needs. It is a great choice for any lifestyle, work or play.
ARE Z Series Cap
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Z Series Cap
The Z Series truck cap is engineered to provide the best fit and finish possible. The styling, frameless doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck. And the optional keyless entry system is a great final touch.
ARE MX Series Cap
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MX Series Cap
The MX Series’ mid high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity, while offering easier access to your gear. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats.
ARE TW Series Cap
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TW Series Cap
The steady rising design of the TW Series takes full advantage of the capacity of your truck bed. Maximum head room, easy access, and aerodynamic styling make the TW Series perfect for hauling gear while providing efficient airflow up and over any camper, trailer, or boat.
Walk-In Door Closed Walk-In Door Open

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Walk-In Door Series
Effortless access to the bed of your truck. The Walk-In Door option is unique to A.R.E. customers. The only full door option on the market provides easy access to the bed of your truck plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers of any kind.
A.R.E. Aluminum Series Cap
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Aluminum Series Cap
A.R.E.’s aluminum caps offer lightweight, easily removable protection for your cargo. For the value minded consumer, this durable cap offers years of function and reliability. Optional full-vision side windows provide maximum visibility.
A.R.E. Truck Cap Features & Options
*Click on the option to see a photo*
= Standard Options
= Optional Equipment
Z Overland CX V MX TW
Side Toolbox
Tilt-Down Front Window – For Easy Cleaning Access
Front Picture Window
Sliding Front Window
Compression Front Boot*
Front Vista Glass (not a skylight)
Dark Tint Side Window-(no photo available)
Half-Slider Side Window
F2 Mitered Half-Slider Side Window
SV Screen-Vent Side Window
Full Length Side Tip-Out Window-(no photo available)
Dark Tint Side Win-Door-(no photo available)
Vented Win-Door – Outdoorsman Option
Side Privacy Door
Rear Privacy Door
Single T-Lock Heavy-Duty Rear Door
Double T-Lock Heavy-Duty Rear Door-(no photo available)
All Glass Rear Door
Full Fiberglass Walk-in Door
LED Dome Light (battery)
12-Volt Dome Light
LED Prop Light™ (battery)
Remote Keyless Entry
AluRack® Commercial Rack
Yakima® Roof Rack
Black Palm Handle
12-Volt Power Strip
Interior Clothes Rod
Pet Screen Protectors
Fishing Rod Holders
Fabric Headliner
Note: Not all options are available for all trucks.
A.R.E. maintains the right to add, delete or change suppliers and/or designs of options when necessary to maintain or improve the overall quality without written notice.
* Cannot guarantee watertight seal.
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