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Ranger Design believes MORE is possible!

Ranger Design believes work vehicles and the technicians that drive them can become more organized, more efficient, more productive and more profitable. They’re committed to bringing you the products and services that make that possible.

More means helping you choose the right work van for your application, as well as giving you engineering support and expert advice to help design the most efficient work space in your new vehicle.

More also means getting that new van outfitted and on the road faster, so you can start using it for the reason you bought it.

They’re committed to bringing you more, because they believe more is possible.





Why Buy Ranger Fleetline?

You want better quality and price than other steel products on the market.

  • Tough
  • Low Cost
  • Quiet

Shelving, Partitions,

Drawers, Accessories

3 years*

Why Buy Ranger Proline?

You want the toughest, quietest product on the market. You need to optimize payload without sacrificing quality.

  • Toughest
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
Shelving, Partitions, Drawers, Accessories, Ladder Racks 10 years*

*Ranger Design Inc. van equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period indicated, from the date of the original retail purchase, when installed per Ranger Design instructions in the original vehicle.

Maximize Cargo Capacity & Vehicle Performance With Contractor Grade, Organized Storage Systems

When you want the perfect upfit solution for your work vehicle turn to us! Crash-tested for toughness, Ranger’s shelving and upfits will take whatever abuse yo can dish out. Their unsurpassed craftsmanship, combined with ideal fit and finish, provide a quietest ride with no rattles.