ARE CX Evolve Series

Fiberglass Truck Cap

ARE CX Evolve

Meet the all new ARE CX Evolve! Classic function meets modern design on our Evolve generation. Our popular CX cap is paired with our industry first tailgate formed rear door and OneMotion handle design to introduce the sleekest and most functional cap on the market.

  • Painted to Match
  • OTR (Spray-On Black Coating)
Side Windows:
  • Aluminum Framed 1/2 Slider
  • Aluminum Framed 1/2 Slider with Pet Screen
  • Glass Windoor
  • Aluminum Panel Windoor
  • Outdoorsman Vented Windoor
  • Aluminum Paneled Windoor with Folding T-Handle
Front Window:
  • Aluminum Framed Picture
  • Aluminum Framed Sliding
  • Aluminum Framed Tilt-Down Picture
  • Aluminum Framed Tilt-Down Sliding
  • Compression Boot
Rear Door:
  • Frameless Tailgate Formed
  • Frameless Tailgate Formed with Keyless Entry
Rear Door Handle:
  • One Motion
  • Dark Grey Headliner
Interior LED Lighting:
  • 12v LED Rope Light with Active Tilt
  • 12v LED Dome Light
  • 12v LED Dome Light with Center Rope Light
  • 12v LED Dome Light with Active Tilt and Center Rope Light
  • 12v LED Dome Light and Dual Rope Lights
  • 12v LED Dome Light with Active Tilt and Dual Rope Lights
Clothes Rod:
  • Available
Cap Bottom Edge:
  • Painted Trim or Trimless
Roof Racks:
  • Available
Tool Boxes:
  • Available
2015-CURRENT F1502015-CURRENT F150
all cabs & bed lengths

all cabs & bed lengths
(excludes dually)


all cabs & bed lengths

Does a Cover Affect Fuel Economy?

Do the Math!

According to these studies, it does…

From the SEMA Research and Information Center –
According a study conducted by Western New England College’s Department of Mechanical Engineers, “The best way to reduce drag, and improve gas mileage for pickup trucks, is to add a tonneau cover.” Their study yielded gas mileage savings of 8% by adding a tonneau cover to a Dodge Ram.

From Auto Trim & Restyling News – August 2001
From “Tailgate Talk – Does Removing A Tailgate Affect Fuel Economy?”
By Bruce W. Smith

According to many experts, the best way to improve a pickup’s fuel economy is to leave the tailgate up and cover the bed with a quality aftermarket Tonneau cover. “Tonneau covers on pickup boxes reduce aerodynamic drag,” said Ford’s Jack Williams. “We’ve seen reductions of about 8 to 10 percent on the F150. The average steady-state [cruise control] fuel economy improvement at highway speeds is closer to 5 percent.”

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