Legend Rigid Flooring, Rubber Mats, Wall Liners & More

Funtrail is proud to carry products from Legend Fleet Solutions, which offers some of the highest-quality interior protection systems available for fleet vehicles. We offer an enormous selection of Legend Fleet Solutions’ pre-cut products, from floor mats for trucks to sill plates.

Rigid Floors

Vehicles are generally built with uneven steel floors, which can make for an uncomfortable working area. We at Funtrail carry Legend Fleet Solutions’ rigid flooring products, which turn those awkward vehicle floors into safe, flat working areas. Legend Fleet Solutions has five types of rigid flooring:

  • Stabiligrip: Dimensionally stable composite material
  • HD Ultragrip: Composite HDPE plastic with rubberized TPO coating to prevent slipping
  • HD Ultrafloor: Highly durable recycled HDPE plastic composite
  • KK-Plus: 9-inch ply birch hardwood
  • VFS: Plastic material combining the benefits of Ultragrip and KK-Plus

Rubber Mats

Legend Fleet Solutions offers three types of rubber mats, all engineered for durability and easy mobility. The rubber mat solutions offered at Funtrail prevent slipping, keeping employees and cargo safe. Products include:

  • Automat Bar: 1/4” rubber mat impervious to water and resistant to chemicals
  • Automat Hammer: Light duty 1/4” rubber mat that can work with a variety of cargo
  • ArmorMat: Raised nylon-reinforced rubber mat

Interior Liners

Insulated van ceiling, door and wall liners are designed by Legend Fleet Solutions to protect the sides and roofs of fleet vehicles. By reducing damage to the vehicle interior, Funtrail can help you retain resale value, as well as maintain a professional appearance and reduce noise while traveling.

Sill Plates

Legend Fleet Solutions’ collection of sill plates are built to protect the floors at the side and rear entrances of cargo vans. These plates – aluminum plates for the doors and tops, and steel plates for transit doorway thresholds – also create a seamless finish between the van’s walls and ceiling.

Drawer Liners

Offering a solution for obnoxious rattling noises and damage to tools and equipment, the Legend Fleet Solutions drawer liners carried by Funtrail are 1/8″ thick processed rubber. They’re perfect for keeping smaller pieces of equipment safe and undamaged during travel.

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