Durable, Aluminum Ramps for Vans, Trucks & Other Vehicles 

Funtrail proudly partners with Link Manufacturing as its preferred vehicle ramps manufacturer. Their line of aluminum vehicle ramps is perfect for easily loading and unloading cargo of any size and each of their ramps can be discreetly stored when not in use. Need a solution that can stand up to just about any task that comes your way? We’ve got the answer!  

Explore Link® Manufacturing’s Catalog of Van Ramps 

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Flexibility & Reliability: The Link Manufacturing Advantage 

These American made ramps are incredibly versatile, especially when it comes to their customizable widths, lengths and carrying capacity. Our lowest capacity models offer 350 lbs. of carrying power, while the higher-end, bifold options can withstand upwards of 1,500 lbs. Extra strength hinges provide even greater stability, while the aluminum makeup offers long-term rust resistance and corrosion protection. Add to this the unique flexibility of the Link Manufacturing’s Swivel Ramp and you’ve found the perfect load ramp solution for the job.

Affordable Prices, Dependable Loading

The project is complete; the day is done. It’s time to clean up, so roll out the aluminum carpet and guide your appliances, ATVs, dirt bikes and just about any other tool into your van, truck or trailer. We’re here to help you avoid hazardous slips, injuries from heavy lifting and exerting far too much energy for such a simple task. Increase logistical safety and overall capabilities with any loading ramp from Link Manufacturing and Funtrail!

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